“It's hard to describe exactly what Kate does in a way that fully does her justice but I will try... Kate has a very real understanding of people and her combination of personality and skills enables her to deliver her service in a tranquil and powerful way. 

Kate is someone who hears your words and uses them to guide you back to pinpointing the root of your pain.  Over the last four years, I have tried very many methods to address my back pain and so I must admit that I did enter the session with a little apprehension and not a lot of hope of feeling any improvement... I was more than pleasantly surprised...It is no surprise to me that pain is rooted in the unconscious mind and again I have tried to address that in many ways but Kate hits the right note to bring the breakthrough moment and to help you see how you can move forwards. My only regret is that I didn't try this sooner! I highly recommend Kate Choppen owner of Black Dog Therapy.” K.S.

“I didn’t know what hypnotherapy was. I’d seen people be ‘hypnotised’ on tv but I came into this without letting that form any opinions I might have. Kate asked me initially to tell her why I wanted help and what it was I wanted to get out of the sessions. We chatted, it was easy and open. Kate asked simple questions and made me feel at ease the whole way, supportive and caring. I didn’t know what to anticipate in the first session, would I be unable to control what was happening? Would she have control over me? How would it work? Kate talked me through different types of therapy, asked me questions and used my own words to form the sessions, making it all natural and familiar. I’ve never felt more relaxed and calm, we have worked together to tailor the sessions and always openly talk and review the work we have done together. Focusing on mindfulness beyond the sessions themselves. Kate has given me the tools to ensure that even between sessions I am able to focus and further the work we have started. The results I have seen so far have been phenomenal, my issues focused on eating and body confidence saw immediate changes. My attitudes to my problems flipped completely, all because of the work Kate has done with me. She is completely invested in my journey and works alongside me to ensure I get the most from each therapy.” E.M.

"WOW....after years of trying to quit through various means, this has been a totally mind opening experience. Now I know I have the ability to be able to control myself, to find out the real reasons why and how, through controlling and working with my forgotten deep memories & feelings, which no one else could offer.
I really was at my desperate end, nearly losing everything dear to me, but after 5 very emotional, but incredibly spiritual and relaxing sessions, I now feel, in fact, know, I am in control of my destiny and am free of the guilt, anger, pain & shame and burden of my former addiction which has cost me dearly over the 40 years I’ve been a slave to the feelings connected with gambling.
Whole heartedly recommend Kate to work with you, for you, when you’re ready to make the change you need to get whatever monkey is on your back-incredible lady, soothing voice and hypnosis is just an amazing experience!!! Not the ‘Paul McKenna’ stage show, but deep relaxation & mind opening...I will be back, but not for the reason I originally went for, she’s cured me of that, next is pain! Let’s see how she can cure my back pain, I know she’ll do it!!!" Dean A

I would thoroughly recommend Black Dog Therapy. I met Kate when our daughters started at the same school. When Kate set up a local mindfulness group, I was keen to join having recently been diagnosed with a life limiting illness with all the low mood and anxiety that comes with it. The group was professional and sensitively run and all members felt it a safe place to voice our worries. I learnt a variety of techniques to approach mindfulness and really feel the benefit on the more tricky days.
More recently, I have had a hypnotherapy session which has been hugely beneficial. Kate is kind and professional and I would really recommend her." Caroline

"I met Kate just over a year ago. I joined a Mindfulness group. Kate has completely helped me change my thinking on life! I was a glass half empty, it’s raining, we haven’t got any money! NOW. Glass half full, the rain makes my plants grow and you can always get dry! We don’t have money but we have health! Look at the trees, look at the clouds, and especially appreciate the people around you!" Natalie

“I wasn’t too sure if this would be right for me at first but after my first hypnotherapy session I definitely noticed improvements and it has really helped me, the atmosphere is really nice and welcoming and everything is made to make you most comfortable, highly recommend” Anon.

“I needed an OT in a hurry. My lifelong disability benefits were being replaced with the new Personal Independence Payment meaning that despite multiple complex degenerative neurological and rheumatological conditions I would have to go through reassessment. There was not time for my GP to refer me to an NHS OT to get an NHS Activities of Daily Living report into my ability to carry out a range of day to day activities, and so I asked around and sought out a local OT, Kate caught my eye.
At first, reading her website, i wasn’t sure if she would be the right person for the task, focusing as she does on mental health and wellbeing issues. But on meeting for the free consultation, it quickly became apparent that ADL reports are something she has many years of experience with. Nonetheless she was very careful to check that she would be the right person for the job, and completed a very thorough review of my circumstances. Kate is wonderfully empathetic while also being totally professional.
I immediately felt comfortable in her presence even when confronting some embarrassing or distressing life situations.
She was incredibly thorough, and went above and beyond what she had promised/I had expected in terms of information gathering, observations and her final written report. She has a very good understanding of the PIP application process, and an understanding of chronic illness, whether physical and/or mental, and how difficult it can be to juggle the health demands of multiple symptoms or conditions. At this stage I don’t yet know whether I’ve ‘passed’ the assessments or not, but I do know that the detailed and comprehensive report Kate submitted give a very clear picture of my actual abilities to undertake every day tasks, and clearly explains the difficulties I do have with reasons and observations. My GP was also very impressed with her report, and despite having cared for me for many years, he had not realised the extent of my difficulties day to day until he read her summary. Kate really genuinely cares for her clients wellbeing and I wholeheartedly recommend her.” Anon