Mindfulness can be practised by anyone wishing for a contented life. Contentment might sound mediocre- but really think about what that would look or feel like. How it would be, to be at ease with yourself, your feelings and not be distracted or directed by your thoughts.

The media message is overwhelmingly clear; we need more money, possessions, and we are not good enough as we are. Mindfulness helps connect you to your own sense of self-worth. Giving you space to experience how you are truly feeling and responding to daily life; rather than rushing through life, hurriedly striving for what's next. 

Mindfulness can be helpful for those who find it difficult to switch off, be present or have found life overwhelming. The principles of mindfulness are simple, however integrating the approach into your life is the challenge. The pace of modern life can be frantic, so finding time and motivation to be mindful, or have time and space to just 'be' can seem impossible.  I offer a practical, straightforward approach to mindfulness that will give you the time, tools and experiences to help you to integrate mindfulness into all areas of your life.

Group Mindfulness Sessions in 2019:

Discover a new mindful you in 2019. Weekly, term time classes run throughout the year.

There are 6 places per group and each group runs for 6 weeks. Classes are experiential with a focus on guided mindfulness practice. Participants receive a handbook (detailing the lessons) and recordings of the practices to use to continue their journey at home.


January 7th 2019- February 11th 2019.  7.00pm-8.15pm. SOLD OUT.

May 3rd 2019- June 7th 2019. 10.30-12.00pm. £75

*NEW* Drop in Mindfulness Practice Sessions
Monthly mindfulness sessions held on the first Friday of each month. Enjoy 90 minutes of mindful practice every month at Swan house.  Investment is £15, please call, text or email to reserve your space. All levels welcome.
2019 Dates: 5th April, 3rd May, 7th June,  5th July,  2nd August, 6th September, 4th October, 1st November & 6th December.

Questions and Enquiries:
To enquire about either individual mindfulness sessions tailored to your needs and goals, or  group mindfulness classes please use the contact form or speak to Kate on 07709364860.