What Mindful Hypnosis?

Mindfulness and hypnosis are both considered focused states of awareness.

In mindfulness we focus our awareness on settling into ourselves, coming back into our bodies, and being in the moment. It’s too easy these days to live from the neck up, consumed by thoughts of ‘what if’ and worries of ‘what has been’. Mindfulness teaches us to notice and embrace each moment, using our senses, without getting caught up in judgement and mind-chatter.

Hypnosis, on the other hand, uses the same focus and attention to engage our creativity and imagination to guide our unconscious mind to achieve positive change. Hypnosis and the use of hypnotic metaphors can be used to increase confidence, self-esteem and well-being (and so very much more).

Mindful Hypnosis sessions blend and utilise both skills together, so you can experience positive change whilst truly coming back into your body and feeling centred and grounded within yourself. The sessions are 90 minutes of time dedicated to honouring yourself.

Please note: you may experience relaxation as a side effect of attending this group!