What is Hypnotherapy?
We all naturally and easily drift in and out of altered states of awareness throughout our daily lives. Being engrossed in a film, driving on 'automatic pilot', day dreaming or becoming so engrossed in what you are doing (talking, working, reading) that you lose track of time, are all examples of when we enter a trance-like state. The interesting part is that whilst you are engrossed in your thoughts/ work/activity, your subconscious mind is keeping you safe and watching out for you. It is this part of you that is taking in every experience, thought and feeling. It is this part of you that we collaborate with to make deep and lasting positive changes based upon how you want to feel, want to think and want to be. 
How can hypnosis help?
Hypnotherapy is an empowering therapy in which we work together to create and sculpt a better version of you. You are always in control and I am your guide, using your words, your vision and your goals to bring about the changes that you want.
Hypnotherapy is not a cure or an immediate fix. It requires commitment to change and an open and honest approach from you. Your motivation for therapy is important, so please consider why you want to change, and how making these changes will impact upon your life.