Steven Blake’s OldPain2Go® Methodology

Do you have ongoing pain from an old injury? Imagine how it would feel to not worry about doing ‘that’ movement or having ‘that’ pain?

Old, ongoing pain does not have to be part of your life. It has done its job of alerting you to the initial cause of the injury, event or trauma but it simply hasn’t been switched off after the event. 

Steven Blake’s OldPain2Go® Methodology switches off the alert signal to the brain for old, no longer necessary pain. This is not a numbing process but removes the specific pain alert and resulting pain. This methodology does not use hypnosis and you will do 100% of the work.

Consider this, while you are reacting to,  and focusing on the old pain you may miss new pain signals. Would you get a new pain checked out if it felt the same as the old pain you’ve been accustomed to?

I can only work with clients who have been diagnosed and treated by a qualified medical practitioner.
Working to remove pain prior to diagnosis and/or investigation could result in a misdiagnosis.

OldPain2Go® is typically one treatment session. I will work with you until the pain is removed. In more complicated cases and multiple sites of pain and issues, including trapped emotional trauma this can take longer. 

*Please be aware in some cases your body may wish to retain some sensation but we will work with your body and mind to turn down the pain.

One session: One Pain Problem
£150 approximately one hour in duration, but may be longer if required.

Multiple Pain Sites and Complex Diagnoses (MS, ME, Fibromyalgia)
£300. This session will last as long as necessary (up to 3 hours) to clear or reduce the pain.

Skype, Zoom and FaceTime appointments available.

Any questions?
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